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Casting Director Manoj Ramola's Audition School welcome you to join 3 months full-time certificate course in Acting & Audition –

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This is a platform where you can make your Bollywood dreams come true under the guidance of top Acting Coach (NSD/FTII), Awarded Film Director, Film &Tv Actors, Casting Coordinators and Casting Director. High Intensive method Acting and Acting for camera session. Modules include Acting Techniques, Body Language, Voice modulation, Imagination exercises, Story Telling, Improvisations, Nav rasas, Short play, Monologues preparation & practice, Audition approaching, Scene Work. Casting Process and Auditing techniques.

Duration - 3 Months, Place - Mumbai ✔Register now and get a copy of Audition Room Book also - Thanks - Anugrah Agnihotri -  09834980250.